8 Best football streaming apps for Android & iOS

January 29, 2023 (4 months ago )

Are you crazy for football?

If your TV isn't working fine then it might be possible that you may miss out the major shots of your favourite match.

Here is a solution: you must download a suitable application for enjoying a football match. So that you can't miss out on your favourite match.

But are you unable to find them according to your needs?

No issues! Because here we are with one of the best football streaming apps. You can pick one of them that matches your needs.Being a football fan if uncertainly you are not able to see the live streaming. Then the level of anxiety you face isn't less than a pain.

So with these apps you can easily see matches in a comfortable way. Hence  if you're in the office or in your car. So you can watch the match right away by just clicking on your screen.

So let's dive into more information about these apps and how they can entertain you with your favourite football match.

1. Liga App

Want to see the major events of football?

Then this app is for you.It keeps you updated about your favourite football match. You can see the  score updates so that you can easily identify which team is going to win.

You can also see the live streaming there for any football match happening across the globe.Moreover you can use this app for free but it has ads in between which are probably irritating.

Hence if you want to enjoy the streaming without ads you have to pay for it.In case if you're out of money. You can enjoy it for free with ads.

Furthermore it covers the live streaming of all major football matches like;

  • FIFA World Cup
  • AFC Asian Cup matches‎
  • AFC Challenge Cup Finals‎ 
  • AFF Championship matches‎
  • Africa Cup of Nations finals‎
  • African Nations Championship finals‎
  • Afro-Asian Cup of Nations‎ 
  • Arab Cup finals‎

Available on: Android 

2. Star Times

If you're the one who can't remember dates of important football events. Then this app is for you.

You can watch football matches of various football leagues. As it will help you in understanding how much competition there is between the players and which team is stronger.

Your favourite football channel isn't fine on cable?

Don't worry.Because Star Times has access to 400 digital sports channels.As there is a bulk of options for you. Therefore you can choose to watch on your favourite channel through this app on your smartphone.

The main advantage of this app includes that it recommends healthy spots on a daily basis. That will help you in widening your area of interest.

Likewise you can also set reminders for your upcoming football matches. So that on the respective day you can't miss it.

3. ESPN 

One of the famous apps for football streaming.

Here's why, You are not limited to specific channels. Rather it has a lot of options for selecting your favourite channel. 

You can see the sports newspaper where you are able to study the views of other sport lovers about a match. Keep in mind before opening you have to select the newspaper category. And you can also read news of other categories too.

If in any past matches you still wish to see your favourite highlights so you can watch them from ESPN.

Moreover if your Internet connection isn't working fine. Then you can also see the scores of the live match on your screen.

But a drawback of this app is that it isn't available for Europeans and some other regions of the world.It's mainly available in America.

4. GoalAlert

Don't be sad European football fans.  Because here is a special app for you. It especially shows the matches of European leagues. 

The app is fast and simple. Its interface is fantastic. You'll really love it. 

The biggest advantage is that it is available for both Android and iOS.

5. Live Football TV App

Are you still a lover of official football streaming from TV?

I can feel your pain. Those who are addicted to their football streaming on TV. They can't enjoy matches with other apps.

But Live Football TV shows you the official TV streaming. Hence you can choose the TV channel from this app you wish to see matches on.

Here you'll be notified of all the matches schedules before time.So that you don't miss out anything. 

It has one of the most exciting categories i.e. analysis news. That is basically about sports. By watching these you can expand your knowledge of sports. 

Moreover you can watch in anyform you want. For instance online radio and commentary too.Not just this but you can also mark your upcoming events. So that you get notified early.

6. Fubo TV

If you don't have time to watch your favourite football match then fubo TV is for you.

It is not only for football. But if you're fond of other matches like cricket, hockey, tennis etc you can watch them here too.

The most popular 65 sports channels sre streamed live here. As we said earlier that if you can't watch. So how it can be beneficial for you.

Here's why, It is a features of tech i.e. Cloud DVR Space in which you can later watch the favourite match. But keep in mind that you can watch the recorded video within 3 hours.

Additionaly it will easily operate on iphone and Apple TV.


If yoy want something more interesting then DAZN is for you.When you enter into this app. Firstly it provides you with a free trial. 

But afterwards you have to pay for subscription. It is paid version you can watch your desired matches again.

Its not just limited to tournaments but you can watch documentaries by DAZN.

8. LaLiga Sports TV

List would be incomplete if we end it without mentioning LaLiga Sports TV app.

As this app is especially made of Spain. Spanish are more crazy for football than anyother cultures around the globe.

The interface of this app is easy. Certainly you can choose kind of sports that you're interested in.It provides you with the latest information about football and other sports as well.

Furthermore if you dont find a channel meeting your interest. You can select yours favourite one available on this app.


Which app is best for watching gulf match along with football?

One of the most famous app includes CSB Sports App where you can access information for 24 hours. Moreover you can also watch other matches like gulf and tennis here too. 

Is there any football streaming app with record feature?

Yes,MobiTV app is awarded  by Google Play store for sports entertainment. Moreover it has about 300 channels. And you can easily record you favourite match on MobiTV and can watch it later.

Which app streams high quality videos?

If you want to watch you match qith high quality. Then Mobdro is a good choice. 

Is there any free app for watching match highlights for free?

NBC Sports is one of the popular app on which you can easily watch all the previous  matches for free.

What are the important features of Live Stream app?

Its major features include that you can also discuss and sharw your thoughts with others through its chat option. Moreover its free and can easily operate on Android, iOS along with TV and tablet too.


Watching football match is a healthy activity. Moreover if you have passion for becoming a unbeatable football player in future than you can download these football streamimg apps on your smartphone. Thus you can enjoy them any

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