Elden Ring Is Getting A Set Of Two 800-Page Art Books

January 29, 2023 (7 months ago )
If they're not attempting to murder you with brutality in the most horrifying ways possible, The Lands Between and its denizens emit a kind of beauty. The terrifying and dark kind of beauty only the minds of FromSoftware can create. It's evident on the outside and the enemies themselves. The attention to detail that's incorporated into every piece, merging the lore and images to create artwork. Now it's available for only $62! In keeping with tradition from Dark Souls, the art of Elden Ring will be showcased as an art book. Two artbooks, in particular, cost each $31. According to PC Gamer, The first volume of the A4 size art book will include concepts of places, armor, NPCs, and other locations, and the second volume will include artwork of enemies, weapons, and other items. Then there's an Ultra Edition, which comes with a unique three-sided box that holds the two books and a framed work of concept art designed for Godfrey. The Ultra Edition costs a staggering $125. It's unclear if these books on art will feature interviews with the team at FromSoftware as in previous books. However, we hope they will. Interviews with the team provide great insights into the team's creative process and the direction Miyazaki offered. Unfortunately, we don't know what the covers of these art publications will also be since there's only an interim cover available. However, a few examples of concept art are available if you're not waiting. The rumors have been circulating for some time, and even though it's not an all-encompassing acquisition, Sony has finally bought an interest in FromSoftware. It's a significant one, too. Tencent, along with Sony Interactive Entertainment, has purchased a thirty percent stake in the business, with the former receiving 16.25 percent and the latter being given 14.69 percent. Kadokawa Group will, however, remain the largest stakeholder with 69.66 percent shares.

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